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All payments are managed by SecurePay through their secure merchant facility SSL Secure Connection. No Credit Card information is held by Gun Traders Australia. When prompted add your card details to the secure payment system and then choose the ad type that best suits your requirements.
Gun Traders Australia offers two options for account registration to cater to different types of users: Private Sellers: These are gun enthusiasts who have a weapons licence and wish to sell items from their personal collection. To sign up as a private seller, click on the "Register" button, and then select the "Private Seller" option. Private sellers are required to include a scanned copy of their licence during the registration process. Dealer Registration: This option is for licensed dealers who are selling items they are licensed to sell. Dealers can register by clicking on the "Register" button and selecting the "Dealer Registration" option. Once registered, users gain access to their own dashboard where they can manage their ads, communicate with potential buyers, and more. All users must agree to our terms and conditions during the registration process.
Once you're registered on Gun Traders Australia, you gain access to our "Create Ad" section, where you can easily list your item for sale. Simply choose the ad package that suits your needs, and then proceed to create your listing. Provide details about your item, including a description, price, and photos. With just a few simple steps, your item will be listed for sale on our platform, reaching potential buyers across Australia.
Purchasing an item on Gun Traders Australia is straightforward. Once you find an item you're interested in, simply click on the listing to view more details. From there, you can directly contact the seller. Negotiate terms with the seller and arrange payment and transfer of ownership in accordance with State and Commonwealth laws. Always ensure to verify the seller's credentials and comply with legal requirements throughout the purchasing process. To find more information on how to aquire an item specific to your state or territory, you can visit the "Permit to Acquire" section on our homepage.
Gun Traders Australia offers multiple convenient ways to contact sellers advertising on our platform. In addition to providing the email address and/or contact phone number of the seller on each advertisement, we also offer an in-platform smart form that allows you to send messages directly to the seller within the website, providing a seamless communication experience. Simply navigate to the listing you're interested in and utilise the smart form to reach out to the private seller or dealer.
Gun Traders Australia stands out from other platforms by providing each member with access to their own dashboard upon registration. From your dashboard, you can easily manage your listings. Simply log in to your account, navigate to your dashboard, and utilise the intuitive tools available to manage your listings with ease.
Gun Traders Australia is not a firearms dealership. It is an online classifieds ad website where any legally registered shooter can post an advertisement to sell or buy a firearm. Firearms are not sold, transferred by, nor are they held by Gun Traders Australia.
For our standard plan, ads will be displayed for a duration of 90 days. However, if you opt for our featured ad package, your advertisement will remain active for an extended period of 180 days.
Our platform offers instant ad placement without the 4 to 5 weeks lead time required by shooting magazines. Your ads go live instantly, ensuring swift exposure to potential buyers.
To comply with firearm advertising regulations, sellers must provide their licence or permit number, along with the serial number of the firearm or firearm parts. In Tasmania, additional requirements mandate that advertisements include the name and address of the licensed firearm dealer responsible for facilitating the transfer. Advertisements lacking the necessary legal information cannot be accepted.
To participate as a buyer or seller on Gun Traders Australia, you must hold a valid firearms licence issued by the relevant Australian authorities. This ensures compliance with State and Commonwealth laws governing firearms transactions. For more information specific to your state or territory, you can visit the "Permit to Acquire" section on our homepage.
Gun Traders Australia is a classified ad site dedicated to facilitating the buying and selling of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and related items within Australia. Our platform provides a secure and legal marketplace for licenced firearms owners and enthusiasts.