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G&A Tactical is one of the leading suppliers of the Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety, Hunting and Outdoor products in Australia. It has built a reputation on providing the highest quality products, offering exceptional service and on-time delivery since 2016.

Kimber 84M Bolt Action 7mm-08 (7mm-08)

$1,300.00 06/03/2024

The perfect rifle for tagging deer in an excellent calibre used widely around the world. With a crazy light trigger,...

Ruger M77 Bolt Action 22-250 (22-250)

$1,300.00 06/03/2024

Rugers are known for their quality and the classic M77 is no different. chambered in a perfect calibre for small...

Zastava M85 Bolt Action 7.62x39 (7.62x39)

$800.00 06/03/2024

Zastava rifles are tried and tested, in a time-proven calibre, perfect for Hunting small to medium game, or targets. This...

Weihrauch HW77k (.177 / 4.5)

$800.00 06/03/2024

German-made air rifles are some of the best in the industry, Weihrauch being no exception. Being an underlever Air rifle...

MDT Howa 1500 Bolt Action 223 Rem (223)

$1,300.00 06/03/2024

A prime example of an excellent competition rifle. Fitted with an MDT chassis, this heavy barrel Howa will be sure...

Remington 1911 R1 Semi Auto .45ACP (45 ACP)

$1,500.00 06/03/2024

Remingtons spin on the classic .45ACP 1911 Semi-Auto pistol. With a 127mm Barrel in a stout caliber, you will be...

Ex-Security Glock 23 (.40 S&W)

$500.00 28/03/2024

Ex-Security Company Pistols, were primarily stored and carried in holsters. Comes with single, 13-round magazine and Original Box. Only for...

Ex-Security Daewoo DP51 9x19 Pistol (9x19)

$500.00 28/03/2024

Ex-Security Company Pistol, were primarily stored and carried in holsters. Comes with original magazines and box. Only for Security, Dealers,...

Tanfoglio Stock III (9x19)

$1,800.00 23/04/2024

Classic Italian style, the Tanfoglio line of pistols are known for their overall quality and excellent accuracy. Comes with 6...

Sulun Arms Tacsoras Lever Release Shotgun (12G)

$1,450.00 23/04/2024

The ultra-reliable and ever-fun Tacsoras shotgun, is the next best thing outside of a semi-auto! Available brand new in varying...

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