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Mauser long range flat shooter (6.5 x 68 Schuler)

$1,000.00 17/05/2024

Custom built Mauser 98, 26” Douglas barrel. Timney trigger, Ramline black synthetic stock & steel scope mounts. (RCBS dies plus...

33XC Peterson Brass 50 pieces (338)

$295.00 25/03/2024

The 33XC (eXtra Capacity) has (137.5 gr of H2O capacity) with over 125 grains of useable powder capacity while leaving...

  • Condition

Tubb Precision Blended Boron Nitride Refill Kit - Powder Only

$75.00 25/03/2024

Boron Nitride coating radically reduces the elevation effects of cold (or hot) bore first shot velocity variations that have plagued...

  • Condition

Tubb DTAC 6mm 115gr RBT Closed Nose - Boron Nitride (500ct box)

$455.00 21/03/2024

Superior Shooting Systems LLC is pleased to introduce its new 115-grain 6mm RBT (Rebated Boattail). This brand-new high-BC 6mm bullet...

  • Condition


$55.00 21/04/2024

Protect your valuables against rust and corrosion. When the moisture control crystals turn pink, recharge unit by placing it in...

Tanfoglio Stock III (9x19)

$1,800.00 23/04/2024

Classic Italian style, the Tanfoglio line of pistols are known for their overall quality and excellent accuracy. Comes with 6...

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